Two common ailments that can affect your fish are fungus and fish skin diseases. These goldfish and Betta fish diseases usually come from fish that are living in unclean water or fish that have recently come from the pet store.

First, fungal infections can be caused by stress and a lowered immune system. Symptoms of a fish fungus include growths that resemble cotton on the fish’s body and fins. If they are in a communal tank, be aware that infections spread quickly. When you catch a sick fish during the beginning stages of a fungal infection, however, it is possible to save your other fish from infection. Simply quarantine the infected fish in another tank and treat it with antibiotics such as Fish Aid Amoxicillin until the symptoms have decreased. This allows you to treat the sick fish without subjecting healthy fish to medications or water treatments they don’t need.

Other freshwater fish diseases include white spot disease, which is also known as Ich. Ich on fish presents as white spots on a fish’s skin and can cause a fish to seem lethargic. Ich is sometimes treated by using aquarium salt, or by taking your fish out of the tank and heating the water to kill the parasites that cause Ich. Fish antibiotics, however, are proven as one of the most effective treatments of white spot disease.

Another Betta fish or goldfish disease is fin and tail rot. Fin and tail rot can be caused by stress and dirty water, in addition to a crowded tank or sudden changes in water temperature. Fin and tail rot can make the fins and tail of your fish look like they are disintegrating, and your fish may pin their fins close to their body. White edges may appear on your fish’s tail and fins as the bacteria spreads. To treat fin and tail rot, use a high-quality antibiotic to get rid of the bacteria. Of course, prevention is the easiest way to keep your aquarium fish healthy, which is why it is very important to keep the tank clean, give your fish plenty of space, and keep a close eye on their movements and habits within their environment.

Fish antibiotics can be used to treat fish fungus and fish skin diseases that may affect your goldfish or Betta fish. For instance, a specialized fish antibiotic such as Fish Aid Fluconazole is beneficial for treating some fungal infections. Other anti-fungal medications include Fish Aid Ketoconazole. An antibiotic like Fish Aid penicillin can be used to cure fin and tail rot, in addition to other bacterial infections that may affect the fish in your tank. For more information about purchasing these products for the health of your fish on a personal or commercial level, contact the professionals at Goldman Pharmaceutical Group today. We can help you restock on the treatments your fish need the most to keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible.