Goldman Pharmaceutical Group has always been concerned in the overall health and well being of all animals. Both founders wanted to find a way to have the same medical care that a human would get and bring it into the animal world. We started off as just a pharmaceutical repacking company focusing mainly on private labeling and as we still are a repacking company we quickly incorporated our main love, that being the creating of new products for your pets well being. We believe that an animals well being is just as important as a humans. So we strive everyday to produce new products that will ensure the well being of your animals health.


Our mission is to continuously innovate and bring new products to market within the pet industry. While upholding and creating strong relationships with our clientele in the pharmaceutical industry. This mission statement is not just a few words written down by our company. This is our lively hood and what we strive to do everyday.


Our main vision is to carve out new pathways within the pet industry and to constantly create new alternatives for your pets health. From low cost effective medications to our very own in house created GPG products. We are on the road to becoming the largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the USA. Having a finger on the pulse of our consumers wants and needs when dealing with their pets health. We have put the consumer back where they belong , the drivers seat.